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On Credibility And Objectivity As A Blogger

A quick note on this blog: I’m not in it for the money. Seriously. I think a lot of financial bloggers have come to see their blogs as a side hustle that will help them climb to an early retirement, financial independence or wealth. But that’s usually not why they went into blogging. Reading most blogs from FinTwit, the FIRE community and others, I feel that most bloggers were mission-oriented when they set out. They want to help others and to hold themselves accountable. Which is wonderful – human altruism at work. Where they often go wrong is in buried in their affinity for affiliate links and sponsored content and advertisements, all ways to wring some much-desired revenue from all of the time and effort they pour into their blogs. As they move from altruistic mission to full-blown side hustle,   more often than not their blogs experience the dilution of content and the recycling and re-hashing of posts both on their blogs and on social media.

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